PlayNow Sports offers a range of betting options on all sorts of sporting outcomes. Here are common markets and what they mean:

Money Line – this is a bet based on the odds of who will win or lose a game, match or race.

Point Spread – this is a bet on whether a team wins or loses by the number of handicap points assigned to the favoured team.

Over/Under – this is a bet on whether the combined total score goes over or under a certain number.

Props – this is a bet on events that happen during a sporting event, e.g. will the quarterback throw over two touchdowns.


Reading a betting line is a key component to understanding what you’re betting on. Each betting option has odds associated with it. This tells you which bet is more likely to win, and what the payout could be if it does.


Decide how much money you’re going to bet with and how much money you are comfortable losing. If you lose it, it’s gone and you’re done. Don’t try to win it back.

Take timeouts

Betting on sports? Don’t get caught up in the pace of the action.




Sports knowledge can provide helpful guidance on which potential outcomes are more or less likely to happen. However, don’t be fooled, chance still plays a part. No matter how skilled you might be, you still can’t control all of the factors. Hope to win but expect to lose.

Remember – you’re playing to have a good time


Sports come with pressure. Betting on sports can too. We often watch games and sporting events with friends and family, because it’s fun to cheer for the same team—and friendly rivalries can make games even more exciting. 


But betting is one area where you don’t want to let your friends or family influence you. Always set a budget and stick to it. Don’t let other people pressure you into betting more than you’re comfortable with. 

Play your own game

Betting on sports? Don’t let others influence how much you bet.